General University Policies & Procedures

SPG Number Policy Title
601.29 Alcohol and Drug Policy
602.06 Alumni Directories
601.17 Commercial Notetaking
601.09 Defense and Indemnification
601.24 Delegation of Authority to Bind the University to External Agreements on Business and Financial Matters
604.01 Departmental Record Retention for Business and Financial Records
602.01 Development, Office of
201.12 Discipline
601.02 Discontinuance of Academic Programs
601.15-1 Domain Name System Standards at the University of Michigan
601.16 Electronic Access to Potentially Offensive Materials
601.22-1 Employee-Student Relationships
601.32 External Entity Contracts for Central Administration Services or Resources
601.22 Faculty-Student Relationships
601.01 Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression
602.02 Gift Acceptance
601.08-1 Identification, Maintenance, and Preservation of Digital Records Created by University of Michigan
601.19 Identity Misrepresentation
507.02 Imprest Cash Funds
601.27 Information Security
601.25 Information Security Incident Reporting
601.12 Institutional Data Resource Management Policy
601.31 International Travel Policy
601.15 Internet Addressing: IP Address Standards at the University of Michigan
601.20 Music Performance License Fees
603.10 Office of Marketing Communications
601.21 Parking and Transportation Services
601.30 Payments/Reimbursements to Students for Non-Employment Purposes
601.34 Policy on Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held in University Facilities
601.11 Privacy and the Need to Monitor and Access Records
601.02-1 Procedure to Update University Records in the Case of Inactive Academic Programs
606.01 Proper Use of Security Cameras
602.04 Prospect Coordination
601.23 Real Estate Transactions
601.07 Responsible Use of Information Resources
605.01 Safety, Health and Environmental Policy
601.33 Security of Personally Owned Devices That Access or Maintain Sensitive Institutional Data
601.04 Smoking on University Premises
601.03-3 Software Procurement and Licensing Compliance
514.04 Tech Tools: Cell Phones and Portable Electronic Resources
601.08 University Archives and Records*
602.05 Use and Release of Donor and Alumni Information
601.18 Violence in the University Community
601.28 Who Holds Copyright at or in Affiliation with the University of Michigan