Probationary Period

Applies to: Regular Staff with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    During the initial six (6) months of regular employment employees are considered probationary. There is no obligation to continue employment through the probationary period.

  2. Regulations

    1. Probationary employees may participate in the benefits and programs for which they are eligible, including vacation time, paid maternity (childbirth) leave, medical leave, medical/child care leave, and child care leave. Please consult the Benefits Office for rules regarding program eligibility.
    2. The probationary period normally shall not be extended. Extension of an employee’s probationary period must be approved by the appropriate Human Resources Office.  Probationary staff who utilize medical, medical/child care, or paid maternity leave will have their probationary period extended for the length of the absence, up to a maximum of twelve weeks. Use of child care leave, including use of short term sick for bonding with a newly born, newly adopted, newly fostered, or newly appointed legal guardian, is limited to a total of six weeks.
    3. An employee whose status changes from temporary to regular will serve a probationary period upon commencement of the regular position.
    4. Transferring or reinstating a regular employee does not create a new probationary period.
    5. The supervisor is responsible for assessing the employee’s quality and quantity of work to determine whether the employee warrants continued employment during and at the expiration of the probationary period. Supervisors are responsible for initiating termination if performance is not acceptable, or applying corrective action when performance warrants action other than termination.

Updated September 2018 to clarify eligibility and impact of SPG 201.30-6, Paid Maternity (Childbirth) and Parental Leaves

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Regular Staff with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
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