U. S. and Campus Mail Procedures

Applies to: All Regular Faculty and Staff

University Mail Service is located at 1919 Green Rd., Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2564

Office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Customer service phone line is 734-764-9227; FAX 734-763-2589

Complete operational procedures and services are provided online at https://mbiz.bf.umich.edu/mailsvcs/index.htm




     Campus mail services are allowed to exist through exemptions provided for in the Federal Private Express Statutes[1].  Those exemptions allow the University to distribute mail that pertains to the official operations of the financial, business, or academic branches of the University.  Accordingly, the campus mail system cannot be used to distribute unauthorized material.  No student-to-student mail, student organizations, except the Michigan Student Assembly, political, labor unions, religious, faculty clubs, or personal mail can be distributed through the campus mail system.  Bulk campusmailings (self mailers, non-enveloped pieces) must be identified with a return address containing an approved organization/departmental name and address.

     University Mail Service will provide centralized campus mail collection, sorting, and redistribution services to all University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus buildings.  University Mail Service provides pickup and delivery services to buildings.  Building facilities support staff provide final desktop delivery and pickups.


    [1]18 U.S.C. Section 1694. Regulations at 39 CFR Part 310 "Enforcement PES" and 39 CFR Part 320 "Suspension PES.”



    The United States Postal Services (USPS) delivers most University of Michigan U.S. letter mail directly to University Buildings. Larger parcels and packages are consolidated and delivered to University Mail Service for redistribution.

    University employees may not conduct personal business through the postal system using the University of Michigan name and/or address.

    University Mail Service will not deliver personal items to University employees. Should University Mail Service receive personal items, the addressee will be contacted to determine the disposition of the item.

    University Mail Service acts as the liaison between the USPS and the University of Michigan on service and compliance issues.

    University Mail Service maintains funded postage accounts at the USPS for the benefit of all University departments. They include:

    • Permit Mail #144
    • Business Reply Mail Permit #1100
    • University of Michigan Periodical Permit
    • University of Michigan Postage Due account

    Contact University Mail Service for the proper use of each of these accounts.



    University Mail Service provides centralized metering services to all University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus and Hospital units. Metering is the process of applying postage to an outgoing mail piece. Metering services include all USPS mail classes, United Parcel Service (UPS) services, and international remail discounted services.

    To comply with USPS regulations, University Mail Service cannot meter personal mail or mail that bears an individual’s personal home return address. No personal mail, regardless of whether employee reimbursement is involved, can be mailed through University Mail Service.

    The manager of Mail Service must review and approve all departmental requests for the lease or purchase of postage machines. Departments that obtain their own meter must transport their metered mail to the U.S. Post Office. Metered mail should not be deposited in a curbside postal collection box or left with daily campus mail pickups.

    All outgoing mail must be accompanied by a University Mail Service ShortCode barcode. The ShortCode barcode can be obtained from the University Mail Service website:  https://mbiz.bf.umich.edu/mailsvcs/barcode.htm

    All mail pieces with the exception of First-Class letter mail should be marked with the requested service class. Certain premium classes and global classes require special forms. See https://mbiz.bf.umich.edu/mailsvcs/domesticmail.htm

  4. Auxiliary Automation Services


    University Mail Service provides centralized auxiliary automation services to all University of Michigan units. These services are designed to reduce departmental postage expenses and eliminate costly hand labor at the unit level. Services include mail piece addressing and the mechanical inserting of printed pieces into business envelopes.

    Efficient and prompt delivery of mail depends on proper attention to addressing and automation regulations. University Mail Service maintains a professional staff able to assist University Departments with postal design and addressing issues. Contact University Mail Service early in the design process to determine the mail class, mail piece design requirements, address data list structure, automation equipment limitations, expected delivery times and postal budget.

    Automation services can be used with all classes of outgoing mail as well as large internal campus mailings. The largest postage discounts are available in conjunction with nonprofit mailings.

    Automation services are best utilized with large repetitive mailings, where addressing and inserting labor can be reduced with the use of automated equipment.

    All mail class descriptions and service procedures are completely described on the University Mail Service website at: https://mbiz.bf.umich.edu/mailsvcs/usps.htm

1 18 U.S.C. Section 1694. Regulations at 39 CFR Part 310 "Enforcement PES" and 39 CFR Part 320 "Suspension PES".

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