Identity Misrepresentation

Applies to: All Faculty and Staff

The University of Michigan is committed to the free and open exploration of knowledge. The authenticity of information and the context that surrounds it is of critical importance to the University’s mission. As a community, we care about ideas and their origin. Using someone else’s name or assuming someone else’s identity without appropriate authorization is a violation of academic integrity and community trust.

As a member of the University community, you may not assume another person’s identity or role through deception or without proper authorization. You may not communicate or act under the guise, name, identification, email address, signature, or indicia of another person without proper authorization, nor may you communicate under the rubric of an organization, entity, or unit that you do not have the authority to represent.

The consequences for violating this policy are varied, and are just cause for taking disciplinary action up to and including non-reappointment, discharge, dismissal, and/or legal action, depending on the severity of the offense or consequences.

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All Faculty and Staff
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