Parking and Transportation Services

Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors

General Information

Parking and Transportation Services has been established to provide University faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors with safe, reliable, clean and efficient parking and transportation services.

The rules and regulations for parking and transportation are published and are available from Parking Services’ office and website. Additional regulations are published in the University’s Ordinance to Regulate Parking and Traffic, and to Regulate the Use and Protection of the Buildings and Property of the Regents of the University of Michigan. This document may be accessed from the Department of Public Safety web site at http://police.umich.edu under Information Center, Ordinances. See primary Parking Services web site at http://pts.umich.edu/ for Frequently Asked Questions, parking maps and current information affecting parking and transportation services.

  • Parking
    1. Due to limited parking resources, eligibility criteria have been established for faculty, staff and students to qualify for parking options. All parking options are for the exclusive use of the purchaser. Resale to and use by others is strictly forbidden.
    2. Staff-paid parking permits may be purchased by eligible employees, with the staff member’s department or unit making a contribution towards the total cost. No-cost parking is available in AATA (Ann Arbor Transportation Authority) Park-n-Ride lots. See parking maps available on the web site listed above.
    3. University units and departments contribute to the cost of staff-paid parking permits. No additional University funds may be used to cover the personal portion of the cost of the permit.
    4. Parking areas associated with University Family Housing, residence halls and apartments are managed and maintained by University Housing. Parking and Transportation Services has no authority over these parking areas.
    5. Some parking areas located on south campus adjacent to athletic facilities are managed and maintained by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Special permits or meter fees are required to use them. Refer to signs posted at lot entrances to identify these areas.
    6. Parking for University events such as conferences and seminars must be coordinated through Parking and Transportation Services.
    7. Enforcement

      The University’s Department of Public Safety is responsible for enforcement of parking regulations. Parking regulations are enforced throughout the calendar year, including University recesses, except during official University-designated holidays. Effective hours of enforcement are posted on lot entrance signs. For the Ann Arbor campus, the Regents have delegated the collection of fines and appeals of citations to the City of Ann Arbor Police Violations Bureau. See http://pts.umich.edu/ for information on violation notices and payment of fines.

      For information about parking at the Dearborn campus, contact the Business Office at 313-593-5480. For information about parking at the Flint campus, contact the Safety Department at 810-762-3335.

  • Transportation
    1. All University vehicles must be purchased, leased and disposed of by Parking and Transportation Services, including those vehicles obtained by departments as gifts or under research grants. Under no circumstances may a department purchase a vehicle without the permission of the unit and University of Michigan Purchasing Services. See http://www.umich.edu/~purch/purch/
    2. University vehicles and trailers are titled and registered by Parking and Transportation Services, which retains all titles.
    3. Vehicles may be leased or rented by departments for use by University faculty and staff to conduct University business both on- and off-campus. Lease rates include maintenance and insurance costs, but exclude fuel.
    4. Campus transit and shuttle buses operate free of charge to transport students and staff. See http://pts.umich.edu/taking_the_bus/routes/  for routes and schedules.
    5. Details on special transit services for late night and other safe rides to lots, dormitories, etc. may be accessed from the main web site at  http://pts.umich.edu/.
    6. The University’s Office of Risk Management insures all University vehicles. Questions about insurance coverage and claims should be directed to the Office of Risk Management. See http://www.umich.edu/~riskmgmt/.
    7. Drivers must present a valid operator’s license when picking up a vehicle; a vehicle will not be released to a driver without such license. Valid operator’s licenses are those issued in the United States or Canada, or an international license with an endorsement for driving in the U.S.
    8. Motor vehicles furnished by the University are to be used exclusively for University business and must be parked on University property (owned or leased) when not in use. University departments are responsible for monitoring the usage of University vehicles to safeguard against personal use. Exceptions:
      1. Deans or major department Directors may on occasion for short durations allow a faculty or staff member an exception to park a University vehicle at their residence. For example, a faculty member traveling to a conference may be allowed to park a University vehicle at their residence the evening before or after the trip. The Director of Parking and Transportation Services or his/her designee may also grant this exception.
      2. Longer-term exceptions to this policy, those covering more than a few days, must be approved by the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in writing. These requests should first be directed to the Director of Parking and Transportation Services and must thoroughly describe the administrative need for the exception.
      3. All exceptions must be granted prior to a vehicle being parked at a personal residence.

Comments and inquiries may be referred to the appropriate unit for follow-up action. Refer to the Parking & Transportation Services website (http://pts.umich.edu/) for the most up-to-date information about our programs and services, and for contact information.

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