Office of Marketing Communications

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  1. Purpose

    The Office of Marketing Communications provides consulting, creative, and project management services to University departments producing printed materials and publications, audio-visual media, and broadcast materials. OMC assists with art, graphic design, advertising, marketing and sales management, multi-media production including video, motion and still photography, market research, copy writing, printing technology, and publications purchasing.

  2. References

    OMC has prepared a University of Michigan Style Manual, the Proofreader’s Guide, a glossary of graphic arts terms, and has other publications available from time to time with information about the preparation of marketing programs and materials. All are free of charge and can be obtained through campus mail by calling 764-9270.

  3. Procedure

    1. Marketing Communication Services
      1. Office hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday the year round. Telecommunications: phone 764-9270: Fax 936-0924.
      2. Any unit of the University may use the services of OMC. Charges are processed through Service Unit Billing to the account number provided by the client unit.
      3. Consulting, estimating, and project orientation services are provided at no charge. Creative, preparatory, and production services are charged on an hourly basis and materials are billed at cost. Required outside services are billed at cost plus 20%, except for printing which is billed at cost plus 5%, to cover administrative costs.
      4. OMC, as part of the Office of University Relations, offers assistance to schools, colleges and departments in planning their total public contact program. Cost projections and production schedules can be determined for from one to three years in advance. Publications and marketing seminars can be conducted by OMC for any unit of the University at little or no cost.
    2. Official University Publications
      1. Announcements of the Schools and Colleges

        Marketing Communications is the holder of the University’s second-class postage permit and administers the University of Michigan Bulletin Series. Manuscripts for course announcements are prepared by the individual units and OMC then edits and prepares the material in a format for printing that meets the requirements of the University and the Postal Service including all information required by state or federal legislation and by the Regents of the University.

        OMC can prepare specifications for all publications to ensure economical production costs. By writing specifications which can be met by a large number of typesetters and printers, the University is assured of receiving competitive bids.

      2. Faculty-Staff Directory

        The directory, published annually in late November, lists all full-time faculty and staff of the University, including graduate assistants. The source for individual listings is the faculty-staff database maintained by the Office of Staff Records. Each staff member is responsible for maintaining a correct and current home address and telephone number with Staff Records. Home addresses and telephone numbers are published in the directory unless the staff member requests that they be omitted.

        Departmental listings for the directory are prepared by the individual department and are communicated directly to OMC. The department is responsible for the content and accuracy of the information it provides. Each spring OMC sends a notice to all currently listed departments requested updated information and setting the deadline -- usually in June -- for inclusion in the next directory.

        The directory may be purchased by writing to OMC or calling 764-9270. The price varies from year to year based upon production and delivery costs. A discount is usually offered for pre-production orders.

      3. Special Programs

        OMC publishes the programs for University commencement ceremonies and honors convocations from text prepared by the Office of the Registrar and the Office of University Events.

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